About Me


Hi Fitness family!  I am Erin.  I am the wife to the love-of-my-life, biggest fan and supporter, David–he and I met while teaching high school English at the same school (cute, huh?!)– and the mom to a 3 year old sweet and sassy little girl and a 5 year old super sweet and snuggly little boy.  They both stole my heart the day they were born and everything I do in my life now is motivated by doing what is best for them. My daily decisions.  My current path.  My dreams moving forward.  It is all about them.  I want to be the best role-model for my children and the most positive wife I can be for my husband. I want to raise these little miracles with the mantra I live by: that hard-work and living your life with great passion, purpose and sincerity will lead you to a fulfilled and successful life. I want them to know that by lending your hand to help another person in need and believing in others will create a chain reaction of goodwill.  Most importantly I want my family to know that living a healthy life is essential.  And, that’s why I am here today.  To help you do the same.

I was always an athlete–from elementary school through college (just an average one, by the way!)–but, being a mom is where my most recent health and fitness journey began. It was because of my children and my desire to be a positive example for my family, that I took the plunge and allowed myself the time and the necessary investment to really work on myself.  After having my babies, I lost my mojo.  I had gained weight.  I had no sense of who I was. I was overwhelmed and lost. I was depressed. I was sinking.  It was a dark time.

Thankfully, a great friend reached out her hand and offered me a way out.  She offered me support, she offered me accountability and she offered me all that is Team Beachbody.  I was a huge skeptic. I wasn’t a “shake” girl. I wan’t a girl who needed a group. I could do this on my own. But I had not. I could not. I needed her.  It sounds so cheesy, but her invitation was my salvation. It was my turning point and it was the first page of the next chapter of my fit and healthy life journey.  It was the turning point that gave me the confidence to create this page.  It was the turning point, that dare I even say it…saved my life, the life of my family and my children.  It was the hand I needed to guide me to the amazingly healthy and happy life I am leading today!

I created Erin Young Fitness to share all that I learn with you. I am currently a fitness instructor at our local YMCA. I am currently an Elite Team Beachbody Coach. I am living the life of my dreams, but I am still on my journey and I will never forget how I felt when I started.  I know how hard it is. I know that it is hard to do this alone. I am here  to motivate and inspire you and to give you the tools to succeed. If you need guidance, support and accountability, I can give you that.  If you are looking to earn an incredible income and maybe even create financial security for you and your family, I know a lot about starting a health and fitness-based business that will change your life forever.

Thank you for stopping by and for reading to the end!  If you need anything, you know where to find me!

Yours in health,