8 Easy Ways to Cut Calories Every Day


Here are 8 easy ways to cut calories every day!  Just follow one or more these tips on any given day and you’ll notice a difference.  It’s all about baby steps, little decisions here and there really do make a difference!! You can do this without even realizing or feeling like you are missing out on something.


8 Easy Ways to Cut Calories Every Day

1. Drink your coffee black-Skip the latte and add a little cinnamon and a tablespoon of half & half and save 140 calories everyday.

2. Quit drinking soda-Eliminating one 12-ounce soda daily saves you up 56,575 calories and over seven pounds of sugar every year!


3. Swap veggies in for rice & pasta-Trading one cup of cooked pasta with one cup of broccoli can save you as much as 180 calories

4. Portion out your snacks-Visual cues like the size of a box or bag can subconsciously drive us to eat more — or less.

5. Cook at home- Making your meals at home means you’re in control: You know exactly what ingredients and how much are being added to the pot.Home cookers consumed about 140 calories fewer calories daily, or 51,000 calories annually.

6. Swap in avocado for mayo & butter-Two tablespoons of avocado is about 50 calories, compared to 180 calories for mayo, and 200 calories for butter. Use creamy avocado on egg toast, stuffed into sandwiches or mixed into brownies. You can save up to 150 calories for each ounce that you eat.

7. Order salad dressing on the side-Eating just two tablespoons less of ranch dressing or Italian vinaigrette will save you 128 and 100 calories less, respectively. Ask for your dressing on the side so you control how much dressing to use.

8. Box up 1/2 your meal at restaurants- Local/non-chain restaurants average 1,200 calories per meal, and 92% of meals exceeded what you should eat in one sitting.