5 Exercises to Lose Those Love Handles

side planksisccors kicksv- upsStanding side crunchside bends with weights


Check out these 5 Exercises to Lose Those Love Handles if you had a few too many chocolates for Valentines Day!!  Sometimes we can get caught up in the moment and the next thing we realize the WHOLE heart box of chocolates is almost gone!  But don’t fret, today is a new day and I have included 5 easy, quick exercises that will help you lose those love handles!!  This is a great routine to add to your daily routine or on a day you don’t have a lot of time.

Side Plank (each side 30 seconds)
Standing side crunch (25 each side)
Russian twists (30 total)
Scissor Kicks (30 seconds)
Twisting Plank (15 each side)

Repeat 3X